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Voice Rehabilitation

Occassionally a singer or professional voice user (actor, lawyer, teacher, minister, etc) finds themselves in trouble vocally. This is a very scary time for a professional.

We at Vocal Essentials understand this and specialize in rehabilitation of the injured singing voice. Our expert staff will work with you to return you to vocal health & function and get you back performing if you get into trouble.

There are many situations that can result in the need for singing voice rehabilitation. Only a board certified *laryngologist should make a diagnosis for a professional voice user.  As a Denver, CO based company, the laryngologists we recommend in the Denver, CO area. include: 

Dr. David Opperman at Colorado Voice Clinic, 303-844-3000

Drs. Mona M. Abaza  and Matthew S. Clary at the University of Colorado Hospital, 720-848-2820

Dr. J Michael King at Peak Voice Center, 720-401-2139.

For help finding a laryngologist in your area, please contact us.

The following are typical causes for vocal injury/distress:



*ENT who specializes in care of the voice and has done a fellowship in laryngology.

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